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The design build process is our bread and butter at Corinthian Fine Homes. From innovative functional design and use of modern technology to the simple elegance that comes from the truly superior craftsmanship of the Corinthian team, our clients have come to expect the best. Our design build process starts with top architects (this can also be an architect of your choosing, should you have one in mind) before our builders breathe life into the building design. You can expect a spirit of service and open communication from day one with us. Because whether you know exactly what you want or you simply know you want the best, we're here to design and build your new custom home on a smooth and speedy timeline that works for you.

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What is design build construction?

Design build construction is a type of home building in which the design aspect is part of the process up front before ever kicking off construction.

Many people assume that an architect or draftsman's scope of work represents the final word and the only way to go, but that's not true. After 25+ years, we've proven that a collaboration between architect and builder tends to lead to a better design (not to mention much more effective cost control).

This collaboration between architect and builder makes it easier for buyers to get the features and variables they want in their dream house while staying in scope. At Corinthian, design build construction is our preferred process for building a custom home.

Does Corinthian offer a "build on your lot" option?

We sure do! Corinthian will build on your lot as long as the location supports an acceptable timeline and allows us to meet the quality standards we must in order to build a truly superior home. When a buyer has their own lot, the ideal first step is for us to schedule a time to meet them there and sort out the important build details.

Potential issues with building on a client's lot include getting sanitary to the lot, electric and/or gas, and providing different options for those sources. The other major factor is the condition of the lot (i.e. topography, building lines, building restrictions, and so forth). These are examples of why meeting with a builder early on is so beneficial. Not only can it reduce your overall cost, but it helps in creating the best design for the lot as well.

Typically on-your-lot builds do not work well in subdivisions.

Do you offer any architectural styles that aren't listed on your site?

The simple answer is yes. We build many plans that don’t conform exactly to any style on our website. It's also worth noting that terminology for individual styles varies; in different parts of the country, certain styles go by different names. At the end of the day, however, no two Corinthian homes are the same, regardless of their architectural styles. Our customization portfolio is so diverse and our craftsmanship so solid that we're confident saying we can build pretty much any style or home you can dream up.

What is your service area for design build construction projects?

We serve Central Ohio with pride. This is our general service area for design build homes, build on your lot projects, and renovation work. The question of traveling beyond our immediate area comes down to whether or not we can (a) bring the proper attention to the job and (b) secure the necessary craftsmanship to build your dream home. For this reason, our official service area is intentionally flexible. We typically handle project requests on a case-by-case basis.

What is smart home technology?

Smart home tech is an umbrella term that covers a wide range of appliances and systems throughout modern homes. In today’s world, a smartphone is an individual command center. The ability to control your oven, microwave, furnace system, air conditioning, security, music, and television in the palm of your hand simplifies life almost beyond belief. That master control is the luxury standard in today's smart homes.

Different companies and vendors approach smart home technology in different ways, so here’s how we do things at Corinthian:

First of all, smart home technology is an ever-evolving field. The home tech of today is wildly different from the home tech of 25+ years ago when we broke ground on our first home. Keeping that understanding in mind, every home automation system or other tech installation we build or install at Corinthian is built to provide value for years to come. The only way we can achieve this is by making our work adaptable to changing technology and future consumer wishes. Just about every year, some amazing new tech with previously unattainable functionality comes out, so our goal is to provide a home tech system that can be expanded upon as new possibilities emerge.

Many savvy consumers have already learned to demand future-proofed home tech. It's part of why the award-winning home automation system we built in 1996 has served homeowners so well. With it, their home is set up to be flexible in the face of whatever technological progress may occur over the years that they own their home. Planning for the future when it comes to home tech can be as simple as creating space to run additional wiring through the floor to the attic and hardwiring Cat6 ethernet cables to every television and static device that uses internet (this ensures that the WIFI stays up and running even when a router or source from a vendor is down). At the end of the day, smart home technology is all about thinking ahead.

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