Home automation and smart home devices are pretty hot topics in 2022. As we continue searching for new ways to optimize our lives, they will only become more and more in demand. But if you’re curious what the big deal is, some practical usage examples should help put it in perspective.

So how can a home automation system make your life easier? While there are countless applications and ways to optimize, here are seven of the top ones that will change the way you live: smart lighting, eero WIFI, multi-room audio, temperature control, ring tech, smart security features, and the ability to start dinner from your car.

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The Best Home Automation Systems

Choosing the best home automation systems on the market can make life almost unfathomably smoother. We regularly install Crestron and Control 4 home automation systems because of their power and reliability. Whichever home automation system you choose, it will basically function as the control center for the home’s tech, letting you access all of your devices, appliances, etc. with one touch.

Crestron Home Automation

From time-of-day window shade automation to audio “listening zones” that take in-home music to the next level, Crestron stays at the top of its class. It even lets you monitor the activities you want on a room-by-room basis.

Control 4 Home Automation

Control 4 boasts seamless integration, impressive appliance communication between different brands of smart home devices, and a truly customizable cinematic experience for home theaters. This is a fabulous system for controlling all television, music, lighting, HVAC, and more while integrating with many of the apps that homeowners already use daily.

Smart Homes vs Home Automation

What’s the difference? As Connected Home points out, home automation goes an extra step beyond simply owning smart home devices. While a smart house is not necessarily an automated one, setting up home automation requires you to have a smart house to begin with.

A hand holding a smart phone over a table with a coffee mug.

So, if standard smart homes represented basketball players, you could say an automated home is LeBron.

But what is it about automating your smart home devices that makes a system like this so darn appealing?

7 Ways Home Automation & Designer Tech Will Change How You Live

Most of the specific uses for a home automation system can be boiled down to the following two goals:

  • Saving time
  • Boosting efficiency

Since pretty much everyone wants to do those two things, it’s no wonder that home automation is getting so much attention. Let’s take a look at how the ability to automate basic tasks is helping homeowners organize their in-home tech, save valuable time, and simplify their lives.

One-Touch Lighting

A smart phone showing a home automation setting of 70% brightness for a set of living room lights.

The ability to dim lights to a pre-designated level by hitting a single button or to automate a time-of-day setting may not sound like life-changing stuff at first, but it kind of is. With home lighting automation, homeowners can now set their lights based on mood and the amount of light outside. It’s also possible to set them to adjust to warmth of light tone throughout the day.

This simple feature can save you time and energy costs. It may even improve your sleep.

Super-Powered WIFI

We all know how frustrating a bad WIFI connection can be. Luckily, the best smart home automation systems can help quite a bit with this. That’s why we prefer to use the latest tech in our builds — increasing speed and efficiency, cutting down on network congestion, and totally eliminating those pesky dead spots that make it impossible to load Netflix in the basement or call a friend from the kitchen.

On top of eero WIFI tech — and this is something we do just for that extra precautionary touch — hardwiring Cat6 ethernet cables to every television and static device that uses WIFI will ensure a home stays up and running, even if the WIFI goes out for some reason.

Multi-Room Audio

An integrated home speaker system is GREAT for entertaining. It’s also a really nice way to brighten up your day-to-day activities. Britta O’Boyle for gadget enthusiasts Pocket-lint points out that with multi-room audio (and depending on your system), you can adjust the volume from anywhere in your home, set a song to follow you from room to room, and even set different playlists for different rooms. Once you have these features, you’ll wonder how you ever did without them.

Temperature Control

A silver and black smart thermostat with a blue display showing it is set to 63 degrees.
The best home automation systems let you control a variety of smart devices.

Popularized by Google’s Nest, smart thermostats can save homeowners on heating costs while automatically adjusting to achieve the space’s optimal level of comfort at all times. Does your body temperature tend to run cold in the day and hot at night? Not a problem. Simply set your smart home automation system to lower your smart thermostat a few degrees at bedtime, and it will follow these instructions day after day.

Enhanced Security

What’s more important than safety? If you’re like me, you might have a tendency to second guess whether or not you actually locked up the house every time you make it a half mile down the street. With smart security, a simple press of a button is all it takes to ensure your security system is armed and active. Moreover, homeowners can tap into their property’s security cameras from anywhere they are — including outside of the country!

A black and white Nest doorbell.

Optimized Doorbells

Big house or small house, we’ve all missed the doorbell ringing before. It happens — although we may not always realize it when it does. No more of this, friends! Through the magic of ring technology, you can now choose the visitors you conveniently ignore. 😉

Not only can you program a doorbell to ring through speakers in various rooms and on your smartphone, but you’ll also be able (in conjunction with a security camera) to see exactly who is there and speak to them over an intercom, should you so choose. The best home automated systems give homeowners extra control over their environments, and trust us… that smart doorbell will come in quite handy when you’re not home to receive a guest or UPS package in person.

Start Dinner From Your Car

This may seem oddly specific, but we think it’s an incredible feature of a well-integrated smart home system. Life is busy, right? At the end of a long day, the idea of arriving home just to start dinner sounds like a mountain yet to be climbed. That’s why we install so many Bosch smart appliances in our design build homes.

Bosch smart home appliances let homeowners connect to all of their appliances from anywhere. While there are myriad ways that this can change your domestic game (check out the video below), our favorite is the simple ability to now start an oven and get your meal ready from down the street. Because in the hustle and bustle of modern life, every second counts. And also, (don’t know about you all, but) when we’re hungry… we’re hungry NOW.

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