When you think about moving, what do you think about? A cottage in the country? The Victorian of your dream? Maybe a classic colonial? Of course, there’s more to buying a house than the actual home structure. Location, location, location, right? Homes for sale in Dublin, Ohio are a hot commodity, but not just because some great builders are building there. The truth is that living in Dublin is pretty great too.

A beautiful home for sale in Dublin, Ohio with a big yard and a blue sky above.
A Corinthian Fine Homes build in Dublin, Ohio.

Why look at homes for sale in Dublin? Because living in Dublin, Ohio is a wonderful experience. Top school districts, an educated population, access to entertainment, economic opportunities, low crime, an increasing degree of walkability, and of course… the world famous Memorial Tournament.

7 Reasons Living in Dublin Rocks

Trying to figure out if living in Dublin is right for you? From a heavy focus on education to the relative infrequency of crime, the area has a lot going for it. Here are a few of the top reasons to open up a second tab right now and start bookmarking homes for sale in Dublin, Ohio!

School Districts

Dublin has some of the best schools in Ohio. The research team behind Niche’s school rankings might hold a finger up to correct me there… Dublin has THE best schools in Ohio. Not only do Dublin schools rank at the tippy top for students, but Niche reports Dublin is also the best district for teachers in the state to boot.

Highly Educated Population

This will come as little surprise given the school districts, but there are more than a few smart cookies living in Dublin, Ohio. According to statistics on the Dublin city website’s economic development page, over 80% of Dublin adults have a bachelor’s or graduate college degree.


Bridge Park’s DORA (designated outdoor refreshment area), the Columbus Zoo, the Dublin Irish Festival, and more are all right in your backyard. But downtown Columbus is just 20 minutes away too!

Economic Opportunity

The city’s economic development page also points to the 3,000+ businesses in the city. That means tons of new and exciting opportunities for yourself and any potential family members entering the workforce in the future. Dublin is home to some great companies including Cardinal Health, which has its headquarters split between Dublin, Ohio and an (ahem)… lesser-known sister city over in Ireland. With the economic strength of Ohio’s favorite suburb, it’s no surprise to see high demand on luxury houses for sale in Dublin.

World-Famous Golfing

What can you say that hasn’t already been said about the legendary Muirfield Village Golf Club and its Memorial Tournament? All we know is that when Jack Nicklaus’ home course isn’t hosting the greatest golfers in the world, Dublin residents can hop online and schedule a tee time for themselves.

Corinthian Fine Homes currently has a Muirfield Village lot available for purchase in Dublin right now. In fact, it’s the last one available on the entire Championship Course. So, if you’ve ever fantasized about stepping onto your veranda, one hand occupied with a scotch and the other in a casual wave to Rory McIlroy, you owe it to yourself to check out The Hamlet on Jerome.


Whether you’re building or buying in Muirfield Village, Tartan Ridge, Derby Glen, or any other Dublin neighborhood, this is a VERY safe place to live. It’s part of why homes for sale in Dublin, Ohio tend to get snapped up. Best Places ranks the city far below both national and statewide crime averages, which should be appealing to just about everyone… except criminals.

The porch of a Dublin custom home with the sun over some trees in the background.
Living in Dublin, Ohio is even better in a Corinthian custom home.


Okay, so it’s no Washington D.C. or New York City. While the overall walkability of Dublin hasn’t always been the best, that seems to be changing for the better. Construction on the award-winning Dublin Link Pedestrian Bridge finished in March of 2020. And, I mean… wow!

Not only does the 760-foot bridge make the city much more accessible on foot by connecting historic downtown Dublin with the popular Bridge Park area, but it went and set a world record too. The Dublin Link is “the longest, single tower, s-shaped suspension bridge in the world” as reported by Visit Dublin and the City of Dublin.

Which is so cool!

Take a virtual stroll across this engineering marvel with the live map tour, watch a time-lapse video of the construction process (below), or just go check it out in person!

Experts Agree

There’s no denying Dublin is one of the most sought-after spots for young families and single professionals alike. WalletHub has included it in its 100 “Best Small Cities in America” in both 2020 and 2021. So if you’re considering different homes for sale in Dublin, Ohio, the decision could set you up in a very exciting and opportunity-rich part of the state with just the right amount of “small city” left to it.