Choosing between home building companies can be a project in and of itself. Luckily, there are a handful of things you can be on the lookout for that should help streamline the process and match you with the builder of your dreams.

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5 Things to Look for in Good Home Building Companies

As much as we LOVE to show off stunning home exterior photos, savvy buyers know that a great home isn’t just about the glitz and glamor. Here are five important things to pay attention to when working with home building companies.

Quality of Craftsmen

Craftsmen are the key to good house construction companies. Period. Hiring only the most technically evolved professionals pays dividends in the long run: both in terms of homeowner happiness and reputational longevity.

That’s why one of the things we make clear to our homeowners is that our team works with only the very best craftsmen in Central Ohio. This is not an area for cutting corners. Especially if you’re considering a higher-end home, study that builder’s portfolio. See how the homes they built twenty years ago are doing today. Do they still look sturdy and prepared for the long haul? Some of this comes down to maintenance, of course, but if you notice a trend of homeowners shelling out for structural repairs (check the BBB, Houzz, etc.) within this time period, look elsewhere for a builder.

Our own company continues to reach out to past homeowners — not just for references but also to take referrals and stay in communication.

Material Quality

Finding the top construction and building materials is a crucial part of the build process for luxury house construction companies. But as we first mentioned in 5 Perks of Building a House vs Buying, this industry moves at a speed that just might make your head spin. Homes built 10+ years ago are no longer at the top of the game in terms of building and construction materials.

Unfortunately, not all house construction companies have the resources and/or drive to work with the best of the best when it comes to building supply distributors either. In short, some builders just aren’t prepared, for one reason or another, to get the latest and greatest construction and building materials when they plan a new build.

Why Are Building Materials So Expensive in 2022?

The skeleton of a wooden staircase under construction.

As an aside, if your’e wondering why building materials are so absurdly expensive, you’re not alone. It’s a common point of interest — especially regarding lumber.

In the case of lumber, Fortune explains that it’s because the demand has been so high for so long that much of the current supply ends up going to backlogged orders.

“The backlog is just too strong…. I got customers in the Caribbean screaming for more; I got China customers screaming for more. Everybody is under a squeeze.”

Chip Setzer of Mickey Group

as reported in Lance Lambert’s Fortune article.

With material prices rising, now is definitely a time when the best builders refuse to cut quality workmanship.

Relationship with Home Tech

If your iPhone isn’t proof enough, just take a look at any given laptop to see how quickly modern tech gets replaced with the next best thing. Much like construction and building materials, 21st century home tech is moving at an astonishingly rapid rate. After all, weren’t we once blown away to be able to open a garage door with the press of a button? Today we have smart homes that connect every room in the whole house! Where will tomorrow take us? Who knows, but you should have a home built with that future growth in mind.

Choosing house building companies that strive to acquire and implement the very latest in home tech will make your home that much more valuable and enjoyable to live in. Does the builder have experience with building and installing home tech that can stand the test of time? What specific tech needs do they envision inside the home? This can be a weak point for even good builders.

To explore our company’s history with tech and the award-winning home automation system we copyrighted, check out our About page.

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Experience & Background

Some home construction companies simply don’t have the years under their belt yet. That doesn’t mean they’re bad builders — they just haven’t gone through all the paces quite yet. There’s a level of intuition one develops when they’ve strung together multiple decades of experience building custom homes with a top-tier team.

Of course, all house building companies have to start sometime. But over time, one’s ability to balance a variety of decisions along with a client’s wishlist continues to grow. Will investing in a custom kitchen hold its value for the homeowner, or would they be better off with more landscaping? How can we make the client’s preference happen in this space, even if it doesn’t fit the predominant style in the adjacent rooms? What kind of doors, windows, and trim details can we use to combine farmhouse and modern styles on this lot?

Learning to find efficient answers to these questions is a product of experience. It comes from working your way through dozens and dozens of projects with a team you trust.

So, as a general rule of thumb, if you want the best of the best, talk to professionals who have been working in the industry since before the turn of the century.

Technical Prowess

This is similar to the question of hiring craftsmen, but here we’re talking specifically about architectural design and planning. This is an area that simply cannot be faked, and it goes back to what we said at the top: Building great homes isn’t just about the glitz and glamor. But… it is a little bit about those things.

Hoping to build a colonial mansion? Perhaps an English cottage is more your speed? Spend some time looking over previous builds of prospective home building companies within the architectural style that interests you. Check out some blueprints if you can get ahold of them. This can help in comparing an architect’s eye with the craftsmen’s hands. Try to get a sense of the architect’s aesthetic trajectory.

Have their builds within the style you like stayed consistent over the years? Or does the builder’s understanding of it seem to have evolved? Do you like the direction they’re headed in? Many of our own clients choose to combine architectural styles. If this idea appeals to you, you may or may not be able to find a previous build that exemplifies exactly what you’re looking for in someone’s portfolio. That’s okay. Pay attention to the breadth of their designs. Are they versatile? Adaptable? Do they have a creative eye that inspires you?


Taking a little extra time to attend to each of these five overarching considerations can be extraordinarily useful in choosing between house building companies. And you deserve to choose right when it comes to your forever home.

As always, we wish you the very best in choosing your house construction company. Should you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out to our team.