Cottage style homes bring to mind the well-worn pages of a children’s storybook. So it’s no wonder that this charming style is named in RedFin’s 13 Most Popular Styles of Houses Across the U.S. And while there are certainly some variations on the style, English cottage style houses are “often thought of as the quintessential cottage” according to The Cottage Journal. These homes are known to be quaint, cozy, and well… English! Of course, that hasn’t stopped anyone from taking this architecture outside of the UK. And just as we’ve seen with colonial style homes, there are plenty of inspiring ways to customize the traditional English country cottage design.

Exposed brick on the wall of a cottage style home.

8 Features of Luxury English Cottage Style Homes

With our focus on luxury custom homes, Corinthian Fine Homes builds are about as far from cookie-cutter architectural molds as you can get. While any given home we’ve built is rooted in a distinct style (Mediterranean, English Manor, etc.), going from there we build according to custom needs and desires.

Our English cottage house plans fit well within the style, but we’re not afraid of adding and subtracting features to build something unique, comfortable, and feature-packed for our homeowners. Here are some of the features that can help make a large or small English country cottage really stand out.

Some are traditional features, and others are tasteful interpretations. We hope that all eight will be helpful sources of inspiration.

Stucco and Stone Exteriors

We love combining stucco and stone to bring an English cottage house plan to life. Cultured stone hints at the home’s craftsmanship while providing more design flexibility than real stone. Matching it with textured stucco helps create a gorgeous exterior tapestry with just enough color and variation to catch the eye without going over the top.

The stone and stucco exterior of an English cottage style home in Ohio.

Flared Eaves

If you aren’t familiar with flared eaves, they are the slight upward curve you see on some homes where the roof descends toward the gutter. English cottages are a great place to build these because the almost whimsical slope fits nicely with the whimsical aesthetic of the overall cottage aesthetic.

Flared eaves and half round gutters on a stone and stucco home.

There are plenty of inspiring ways to customize a basic English country cottage design.”

Half Round Gutters

The gutter experts over at Barry Best Seamless Gutters cite longevity, operational superiority, and easier maintenance as reasons to invest in half round gutters over the traditional k-type.

We couldn’t agree more! Half round gutters also add a certain subtle aesthetic appeal that definitely doesn’t hurt a home’s curb appeal.

Simulated Divided Light Windows

As an article in Quality Window and Door explains, simulated divided light windows and “true” divided light windows are very similar. Visually speaking, you may not notice any difference at all. The only true difference between the two has to do with their grilles. Where a true divided light window is comprised of numerous small panes of glass that are broken up by the placement of permanent grilles, a simulated divided light window is a single pane of glass with removable grilles. The difference for homeowners is essentially one of practicality — simulated divided light windows are much easier to clean because you can simply pop the grilles off and clean one large window instead of trying to work around individual sections.

Courtyard Area

A little extra outside space can be wonderful for entertaining in the warmer months. And the courtyard of a cottage style house is a space just begging for a light touch of the cottagecore style so popular right now for interiors. Whether cottagecore or another look entirely, there are myriad ways you can let your design eye shine through elegant outdoor lighting, furniture cushions, sculpted hedges, and whatever else your inner decorator sees fit!

Brick Steps & Steel Wrought Iron Railing

Brick steps with black railings leading up to a front door.

A strong first impression matters, and English cottage house plans provide a phenomenal canvas for adding subtle dashes of class. Use of brick around the exterior is one way to do that. We find that brick steps look really nice when combined with black wrought iron railings and juxtaposed with a cultured stone and textured stucco exterior.

Brick Columns

Molded brick columns are a surefire way to raise the exterior profile of a small English cottage style home. The added bonus being, of course, that they perfectly fit the pallet created by the brick steps. If stepping out of a fancy courtyard area, past a set of regal columns, and into a stately interior doesn’t make you feel like royalty, we don’t know what will.

Brick Porches and Patios

Something about brick features accenting a stucco and stone exterior just makes for a winning combination with this style of architecture. Classic porches and patios that match the rest of a home are the icing on the cake when it comes to the coziness and relaxed luxury of English cottage style homes.

Considering an English Country Cottage of Your Own?

All of the images in this post are of English cottages we custom built in The Hamlet on Jerome, our newest Dublin, Ohio community. The exteriors are uniform (in order to include all eight of the features in this post). Each interior is customizable, including a variety of floor plans with optional second floors and lower levels.

Why not take a virtual tour of an existing Hamlet home and see what you think? The English cottage of your dreams is less than a step away!