Whether you’re interested in elaborate bourbon display ideas or beautiful custom wine cellars, these nine creative alcohol display options will help you brainstorm the in-home libation destination of your dreams.

9 Exciting Alcohol Display Ideas

Rustic Hallway Lighting

Just as ambience and environment play into the fine dining experience, so should they play into your wine or bourbon room. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. Starting in the room itself would be doing the full experience a disservice. Because there’s usually a chance to wow guests before they even enter the room.

In many cases, a hallway will lead into your alcohol display space. If that walkup doesn’t set the mood and hint at what’s to come, the space will have missed an opportunity. Failing to curate the proper atmosphere here could cause the ultimate experience to be dead on arrival.

Hallway lighting outside of a bourbon wine room.

Take this hallway that leads to a bourbon room we built. The rustic lights set the stage and build anticipation for the reveal of a contemporary space beyond.

Craftsman Wine Room Door

For custom wine cellar doors, there are a lot of cool ways to go. A thick mahogany door can work nicely in some instances. See-through glass options are great for showing off the inventory, and home automation experts can work with you to set up a smart locks or even biometric finger locks that will keep out children and other underaged individuals in the home.

A craftsman door constructed from wine crates.

Craftsman doors give custom wine cellars that first splash of something special. We fell in love with the craftsman piece to the left here that was custom-designed for one of our homes. Expertly crafted out of wine crates, it’s probably the best non-glass way to boldly declare “Hey! There’s a custom wine cellar behind me!

A bourbon display room.


Of course, if hallway lighting matters, then lighting on the interior matters too. A little backlighting behind a bourbon cabinet goes a long way towards amping up the sophisticated look of a great display.

A humidity-controlled room with golden wine racks in a Dublin, Ohio home.

Gold Wine Racks

You definitely do not want to skimp on wine racks in a cellar. In addition to ensuring they get installed correctly (hundreds of dollars in broken wine bottles isn’t a fun surprise) the choice of rack materials can really class up custom wine cellars.

You’ll have to pay attention to what your space calls for, but gold wine racks worked wonders in this particular cellar.

A custom wine room in a Dublin, Ohio home.

Humidity Control

Sommeliers and wine enthusiasts know that humidity control is a must in respectable custom wine cellars. Along with golden wine racks, this room called for a programmable humidity monitoring system to provide every bottle with an environment that will let them age to perfection.

Period Design

Playing to a specific time period can be a really neat approach, provided your custom wine room or bourbon room builders know how to craft a cohesive aesthetic. The bourbon display above is one of our favorites in all of the homes we’ve built. We built these bourbon cabinets inside an English Manor in Dublin, Ohio. Notice the stone interior, exposed ceiling beams, and matching hardwood — these each work to complement the parent style. Crafting a space as warm and welcoming as it is transportive requires a variety of calculated architectural choices, but it’s always worth it when planned with precision and foresight.

High-Quality Bourbon Cabinet Wood

The wood you choose for the cabinet(s) of your bourbon display is a decision that makes a subconsciously significant impact. Let me elaborate: Take a closer look at these bourbon cabinets:

A bourbon display room with golden lighting and a couple of LA-Z-Boys.

While certainly noticeable, the cabinet wood choice might not be your primary takeaway if you had to describe this room to a friend. That said, imagine if we’d used dark cherry instead. Not only would it clash with the rest of the room, but it would also dull the refraction of the light and take away some of the space’s charm. Like a bass player in a rock band, you may not recognize the importance of a quality cabinet wood until it’s replaced with the wrong choice.

Glass Room

Let’s talk about sophisticated efficiency for a moment. We crafted this little enclave with the intention of adding top value in as little space as possible. If you’re opting for something on the smaller side, glass can be an especially classy choice. We built this little room below a staircase, utilizing existing space to breathe life into the downstairs area as part of a larger renovation project.

A glass wine room below the staircase of a residential home.

The room is also a subtle example of tailoring an alcohol display to the home (more on that below). See how the wine racks mimic the slope of the staircase? This lends a pleasing (and spatially efficient) touch to a small space designed to be on constant display, such as this one is.

Little house upgrades like this can easily become the highlight of a home — that one feature that everyone thinks of when they imagine visiting you.

Tailor to the Home

This circles back to the idea of integrating a specific time period into your design, and it takes that one step further. Tailoring a bourbon cabinet or custom wine cellar to your home is about paying attention to architectural style and the overall layout of your home. This way, you can ensure a natural flow between rooms. It might be strange, for instance, to discover a modern-industrial-styled wine cellar on your tour of an English cottage (not saying we couldn’t make it work, but it would take some serious thought).

Ideally, your bourbon display, wine cellar, or whatever other alcohol display you may be planning should enhance the established style of the home. It should be placed in a room that makes sense (on the second floor by the kids’ rooms would feel a bit odd, right?). Typically, placement on the ground floor or lower level are safe bets. Likewise, “modern upscale” or “rustic contemporary” will tend to fit a wide range of overarching architectural styles, allowing you some play in terms of specific feature choices.

Looking For Custom Bourbon Display or Custom Wine Room Builders?

It’s fun to toy with bourbon display ideas and fantasize about custom wine cellars. From brainstorming different bourbon cabinet woods to price checking wine racks, there’s plenty to look at and consider. If/when you’re serious about designing a top-tier alcohol display of any style or size, the Corinthian team would love to chat with you about your ideas and your options. Feel free to give us a call at (614) 965-9521 or message us to start the conversation.