When it comes to house amenities, there’s no one size-fits-all solution. While some features may never go out of style, many more are subject to trends. The popular home amenities of 2019 certainly vary from the ones that are most requested today, which only makes sense. The world changes and with it our needs. Since you’re unlikely to find all of the home amenities on this list inside any pre-built home, it’s wise to give some thought to your desired features before you decide on building custom or buying a house. Assuming you do choose to build custom, however, you’ll want to know what’s popular today. That’s why we’ve compiled eight of the coolest and most current house amenities going into 2022.

Pocket Office

A pocket office with ocean blue cabinets and a framed poster of the Ohio State University's football stadium on the wall.

In a world that has irreversibly shifted away from on-site employment, pocket offices have become a pretty big deal. You may not necessarily need (or have the ability to add) a full room for a home office — maybe you work from home a couple of days each week. Many households have multiple remotely employed family members. These scenarios are where a pocket office can really shine. Building a cozy alcove with a small footprint that lets you plug in without any fuss is a night and day upgrade from working on the couch.

Messy Kitchen

Of course, one couldn’t neglect the messy kitchen on any list of en vogue house amenities. It’s the most functional must-have in the world of home kitchens, so… what exactly is it?

What Is a Messy Kitchen?

Don’t worry, it isn’t an insult. Meghan Hale points out for Founterior that a messy kitchen is the practical addition to any open concept kitchen. These extra areas give homeowners an out-of-the-way space to well… be a little messy!

Messy kitchens are the ultimate mealtime staging area — perfect for prep work, clearing clutter, and storing those smaller kitchen amenities like toaster ovens and coffee makers without busying the aesthetic of the main kitchen area.

Because I don’t care who you are… there’s just no avoiding a little bit of a mess when serving great meals.

Walk-In Three-Row Closet

Space is always at a premium, and there’s probably nowhere that better exemplifies this than the average master closet. If you’re like a lot of people, you may have bowed long ago to the disorganization a small closet can breed. But how would you like to increase your closet space by an extra 1/3?

A luxurious three-row closet with two chandeliers and a bench in the center.

A three-row closet gives you the ability to hang three rows of clothes on either side of your walk-in closet. This simple yet elegant design is a game-changer when it comes to accessing outfits, making efficient use of your closet space, and even organizing your entire wardrobe by season.

Guest Suite

A little extra space for family and out-of-town friends is never a bad idea. Being able to offer guests a bed made up on the lower level is a classy and convenient gesture that will win you points while entertaining over the holidays. It’s also a great option should you and a friend have a little too much fun with the next feature on our list.

Home Bar

The in-home bar is a top-tier luxury that we can’t recommend highly enough for those who enjoy the occasional cocktail. Get ready to up your entertaining game though! This particular home amenity is all but guaranteed to launch your address to the top of the list whenever there’s a get-together on the horizon. Heck, you may never have to leave home again.

Three & Four-Season Rooms

Ready to create the kind of indoor/outdoor synergy your neighbors will use for inspiration on their next home update? Let’s talk about three and four-season rooms.

From jeeps and convertibles to houseboats and “glamping,” mankind has devised more than its share of clever ways to enjoy the outside world without being fully at nature’s mercy. Screened porches and three-season rooms give homeowners easy access to that glorious summer breeze without all the mosquitos and other critters. Practice an instrument in relative privacy, catch up on a good book, or hang out with friends for drinks after dinner! In the hands of a capable builder, plans for a three-season room can even be upgraded to a four-season room with proper insulation, heating, and design plans.

Man Cave

Men, the name may persist, but good luck keeping the family out. After all, who among us doesn’t appreciate a space dedicated to unwinding? Every household deserves a room customized with total relaxation in mind. That’s why every Corinthian Fine Home includes a finished basement with a taller-than-average ceiling — we never build slab homes. And you’d better believe we’ll work with you to build the ultimate space for your man cave by the time you move in.

Home Gym

Looking to burn off some calories before you put your feet up? The sheer convenience of a home gym makes it extremely popular among requested house amenities. If you’re already spending money on a gym membership that makes you drive across town, slog through the snow, and interact with people you’d rather avoid, investing in a home gym is definitely worth considering.

A home gym with an elliptical bike, treadmill, large purple workout ball, and weight-lifting equipment.

In Love With These House Amenities?

The Hamlet on Jerome just unveiled several new floor plans that include or accommodate each of the home amenities on this list in addition to many more. Located in Dublin, Ohio, every Hamlet lot offers extensive interior customizability to ensure your new home includes every must-have feature on your list. Give us a call to speak with a friendly member of our sales and design team today!