If you’re anything like the rest of the world, you occasionally spend a little too much time on Zillow fantasizing about buying incredible homes. There are just so many fun options to scroll through and learn about (trust us, we get it; that’s why we’re builders). One of the architectural styles that consistently grabs us is that of the modern craftsman style house. Even if this style doesn’t get the same popular attention as a colonial home or farmhouse, scrolling through craftsman style homes for sale is some of the most captivating house hunting/fantasizing you’ll ever do.

A grey craftsman style design-build house with a long driveway.

A Brief History of Craftsman Style Homes

The craftsman style house plan first came into being in the early 1900s. At that time, a famous furniture maker named Gustav Stickley decided to bring his philosophy of interior design into the world of architecture. Obviously, it was a success. Stickley had a magazine called The Craftsman in which he began putting out drawings of what he called Craftsman homes. Magazine subscribers could send away once a year for a free floor plan of their choosing, receiving Stickley’s idea of “a house that was a home, based on the bedrock virtues of beauty, simplicity, utility and organic harmony.” (Craftsman Homes)

Two end tables inspired by the Craftsman style of furniture.

Fun fact: while Frank Loyd Wright is often associated with prairie style architecture as his predominant claim to fame, the world’s most famous architect was also a craftsman style builder, designing quite a few homes in this style over the years.

6 Characteristics of Craftsman Style Homes

The name of the style alone should tell you that no two craftsman style homes are the same. This really goes for all styles of custom homes; characteristic elements can be utilized or left out. Patterns and decisions in the final product will ultimately identify a home’s architectural style more than a single structural or aesthetic element. Of course, the original craftsman style house plans were those Stickley made and printed in his magazine. Like many other popular architectural styles (colonial, French country, etc.), the modern craftsman style house draws its inspiration from the originals. Despite the variability of features over 100+ years of building, certain characteristics still commonly come together to define the contemporary craftsman style house plans we see today.

Classic Design

The core of a traditional craftsman style house plan is essentially derived from classic designs such as bungalows, four square homes, and prairie style builds. Architecture fans will recognize prairie style as the style Frank Lloyd Wright is predominantly known for. As both prairie style and craftsman style homes (1) came about around the same time in the early 1900s, (2) occupied the mind of Lloyd Wright, and (3) share a few similar characteristics, it’s hard to miss the influence of the world-famous architect’s primary style upon the classic design of craftsman style home builds.

Large Overhangs

Craftsman style homes often include distinct, large eaves (aka overhangs). This is one of the features the style shares with prairie homes.

Exposed rafters and a fireplace inside a modern craftsman style house.

Exposed Rafters

Exposed rafters stand out as one of the classiest ways to capture that ever-popular rustic aesthetic on the interior of a contemporary home.

Tapered Columns

Many craftsman style home builders will include heavily tapered columns on a large front porch. This is definitely one of the style’s most defining features. It’s a noticeable one that boosts curb appeal and points to solid engineering and construction. Non-tapered columns can be substituted if a tapered option doesn’t excite the future homeowners for some reason.

Low Pitch Roofs

Many designs include low pitch roofs. In roofing terms, “pitch” refers to steepness. A high pitch roof slopes down abruptly, while a low pitch roof will stretch out horizontally more so than straight down. The higher the pitch, the higher the chance you’d fall off if you tried to stand on it.

In craftsman houses, the roof’s relatively stable plane can lend a charmingly quaint appeal to the exterior elevations. Again, it isn’t the case that every home built in this style incorporates low pitch, but many do.

Earthy Tones With a Twist

When it comes to paint choices, the modern craftsman style house often leans on an earth tone color palette. However, these browns and other muted colors frequently give way to bright and bold accent colors like reds and greens. The artful contrast makes for a pleasing juxtaposition in well-designed homes of this style.

A long marble countertop inside a craftsman style home.

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