What comes to mind when you think of a colonial style house? Given the fact that architects and builders have been dreaming up versions of American colonial architecture for about 400 years (not to mention that the style was popular before North Americans ever took to it), “colonial style architecture” refers to far more than a single aesthetic. Many different interpretations have left their marks on neighborhoods even just across the USA, dating back to around the time Europeans first settled in North America. Which… can make it a little tricky to nail this style down to an easy definition. That said, there are still several key features that colonial style houses are generally known for.

A colonial style home with big trees out front.

So what is a colonial style home exactly — how do you tell what’s colonial architecture and what isn’t? Well, as Maggie Burch points out in her House Beautiful article, “Architectural styles are not hard-and-fast rules…. Even within the American colonies, there are differences in the climates and building materials readily available that influence how homes are constructed.”

5 Defining Characteristics of American Colonial Architecture

With all that in mind, here are several features that you’ll still tend to see on many of the various sub-styles of colonial style houses.

Entryway Pillars

Pillars in front of an old ornate home.

Pillars are another feature commonly seen in colonial architecture. The home and pillars above look to be of a more traditional style — perhaps an old Georgian Colonial home.

Crown Molding

Among the other features that Frankel mentions, is crown molding above the windows. Expect to see this beautiful stylistic choice in a wide variety of colonial style houses.

Natural Hardwood Flooring

Who doesn’t love a nice, rustic aesthetic? As MyDomaine points out, authentic hardwood throughout the home is a common theme in colonial style homes. So make sure to be careful moving that furniture!

Hardwood floor in a rustic-looking living room with a television mounted on the far wall.


Symmetrical design is a universally agreed-upon hallmark of the American colonial house style. Morgan McBride points out for Rocket Homes that this often extends to window count and floor plan in addition to the exterior view of the home.

A brick rectangular home on a hill with large trees around it.
Symmetry is a defining characteristic of colonial style homes.

Pitched Roofs

McBride also touches on a common roofing setup in colonial style architecture. She explains that pitched roofs are the kind of roof where “you only see the triangle from the sides.” So if the stark, angular roof look of more contemporary architectural styles doesn’t strike you right: a traditional colonial roof may be just the ticket.

But why follow all the rules? You can always customize a home to include features that don’t necessarily exist together in traditional architectural styles. More on that later…!

Curious about all the different types of colonial architecture that make this style so difficult to nail down?

A Few Types of Colonial Style Houses

American colonial architecture may be a hot style, but as we mentioned at the top, it actually has an even longer history outside of North America. The names of three styles that McBride shares in her article clearly point to the fact that this aesthetic’s roots are not original to the USA.

  • Dutch Colonial
  • Spanish Colonial
  • French Colonial

Other types of colonial houses (from Upgraded Home):

  • British Colonial
  • Saltbox Style
  • Cape Cod Style
  • Georgian Style
  • Mid-Atlantic Style
  • German Colonial
  • Colonial Revival
  • Neoclassical Colonial
Two chairs at a home bar with hanging lights.

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