So, you have some property and you want to build on your own lot. Great! If it’s your first time building from scratch on your own land, you may be curious about how to get started. Should you contact a custom builder? What difficulties can arise on the build? Should you have a design drafted up first to pitch to builders? Understandably, homeowners tend to have a variety of questions on the subject. Since we’ve been through the process hundreds of times, here is what we consider to be the ideal five-step process that will take you from conceptualization (aka Let’s build a house on my land!) to the day you actually break ground with your chosen builder.

An empty lot ready for a home build.

Contact “Build On Your Lot” Builders

Not all building companies will work with you to build on your own lot. With this in mind, it’s important to make sure you’re speaking with custom builders who will. Even some builders who are open to building on your land may still come back and say that your specific lot address is too far away for them to service. Once you find a builder you like who is willing and able to build on your lot, we recommend meeting with them in person as soon as possible.

Meet With Your Builder

It may be tempting to put this off. After all, life is busy. You may think you have a pretty straightforward build. Don’t do it! There are too many variables to consider for you to brush this step off.

How Does Meeting With My Builder Early On Help?

By discussing your needs and goals with the builder before you begin planning in earnest, you get the benefit of their expertise up front. They can tell you if something is not possible or (more likely) just requires a slightly altered approach. They can suggest alternatives and solutions before you start making decisions or drafting up designs. At the end of the day, meeting with your builder allows you to do three things:

  • Reduce overall cost
  • Save Time and Effort
  • Optimize design

If hearing that makes your ears perk up… us too! Good builders work to deliver as much value in the process as in the actual construction. That’s because a smooth, mutually beneficial process makes the end result that much sweeter. Your builder wants to hear your thoughts and discuss options with you. After all, your new house is a big deal! Don’t treat it like an Amazon or Etsy order. If you’re invested in building on your own lot, meeting with your builder is a crucial step to moving forward with confidence.

Shelving that is under construction

Determine Material Accessibility

As you might imagine, there is a big, long list of materials needed to begin a build. Getting sanitary and electric/gas sorted are two immediate needs that can prove to be an obstacle, depending on the build location. To build on your own lot, vendors and crews must be able to access it. Speak with your builder to determine if any material access obstacles need to be addressed.

Assess Lot Conditions

Before you build on your own lot, your builder will also need to take a look at the condition of the land. Who cares about the condition of the land? I’m building a home, not growing crops! While we totally get that, lot condition actually does matter quite a bit for homeowners too.

Tomato field or not, it’s important to check on things like flood zones and lot readiness. A flood zone can impact a crew’s ability to build on your lot in good conscience. Your “lot readiness” may affect how soon they can do so.

But there are other factors to consider besides the actual topography. Your builder can’t get the full picture until they have accounted for man-made features like building lines and zoning restrictions. Assuming these are squared away, however, you should be in the clear.

The Bottom Line

If it’s your goal to build on your own lot, don’t let any of these steps intimidate you. Chances are you’ll find plenty of builders willing and able to make your dream a reality. It’s just a matter of choosing the right crew, checking the right boxes, and approaching the build with the proper, professional wisdom.

A pond on a plot of empty, build-on-your-lot construction land.

Interested in Working With Us?

Corinthian has several options for building your dream home. For over 25 years, we’ve been the Ohio builders that homeowners come back to for their second and even third homes. Which of the following approaches fits your situation best?

Looking For Build On Your Lot Builders?

Our team would love to help you build on your lot. We have a long history of partnering with central Ohioans from start to finish, guiding folks through the five steps above and on to the day we hand them the keys and wave our fond farewell.

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Looking to Design and Build From Scratch on One of Our Lots?

Check out our design build portfolio with a wide variety of different architectural styles. From Mediterranean to colonial style, we’ve almost certainly built in the style you’re looking for. We’ll even work with you to mix and match styles and features to arrive at a true ideal in terms of functionality, beauty, and location.