Basement remodeling often allows for far more creativity than projects in other areas of the house. From fully finishing the space to adding specific additions that boost overall home value, the average basement remodel is full of possibilities. Here are five of the trendiest, most exciting ideas to get you started.

A large, finished basement in a Columbus home.

What Is the Cost of Finishing a Basement?

The national average for remodeling a basement is about $22,000 (HomeAdvisor).Of course, the overall cost will vary depending on your goals as a homeowner. One definitive bit of good news, however, is that basements have a lower labor cost per square foot than upper levels. This is often a pleasant surprise for homeowners, who find that it affords them a little extra wiggle room in their budgets.

5 Basement Ideas That Add Value

An unfinished basement is like a blank canvas. There are a lot of creative directions a good builder can take it. Since downstairs areas often have extra space and fewer foot traffic concerns, homeowners are free to dream up exciting additions that might not work so easily in other parts of the home. Here are a few of our favorite additions, along with photos from some of our recent projects.


Nothing exudes class like a tastefully stocked downstairs bar area. For an extra dash of sophistication, set it against exposed brick and hang matching light fixtures above. Likewise, choosing separate high-quality woods for the seating and serving areas can help balance the aesthetic of this particular downstairs addition. We’ll leave the alcohol selection up to you 😉

In-Home Theater

If your budget allows for a larger-scale basement build, an in-home movie theater is definitely worth considering. Who among us hasn’t fantasized about installing surround sound, dimmer switches, and aisles of cinema-style recliners in a dedicated room at home? Alternatively, a cozy entertainment center is a phenomenal add for those without the budget or extra space to commit to a full theater.

In-Home Gym

Imagine waking up, grabbing your cup of coffee, and strolling downstairs to a customized fitness area. No more workout commutes, waiting for your favorite machines, or feeling self-conscious! Fitness centers are a popular, relatively scalable choice for basement remodeling. They also tend to be an eye-catcher and excellent selling point should you ever choose to list the home. For many homeowners, an in-home gym is like a gift that keeps on giving.

Wine Cellar

Who doesn’t want to dazzle guests with a stylish wine display? Builders can utilize whatever space you have to build out anything from an efficient-yet-prominent bottle display to a full corridor and cellar. The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination.

For more specific wine room tips, check out these 9 wine and bourbon display ideas.

Kitchen Area

A downstairs kitchen area after a basement remodeling project.

A small kitchen area has the power to transform your downstairs into a self-sufficient lounge or man cave. At this point, owners basically have a second living space that they’re free to use as a full-on guest suite or some sort of hybrid space. One creative and adventurous way to offset the cost of finishing a basement is by renting it out for periods of time on platforms like Airbnb or Vrbo! We recommend brainstorming with your builders about the possibility of a separate walk-out entrance if you plan to experiment with renting.

What Does Your Dream Basement Remodel Look Like?

Everybody has different priorities when it comes to basement renovation projects. That’s why it’s so fun to work with homeowners on reimagining these spaces. If you’re considering having work done, feel free to share your basement remodeling goals with us and get your free quote today. We look forward to chatting with you about your project!