It’s easy to dream up dozens of projects around a home. It seems there’s always something that could be updated. But if you are indeed looking at home renovation ideas, you may be wondering which area to focus on first. While there are many ways to upgrade your space, some projects provide more bang for your buck than others. Let’s take a look at five of the hottest, value-adding home renovation ideas of the year.

A French provincial home with a winding driveway and upper balcony.

Fact: Homes with dining rooms and formal living rooms have an especially great opportunity to convert these areas into extra kitchen and living space for various projects.

5 Home Renovation Ideas That Add Major Property Value

For the average homeowner looking to renovate their house this year, we suggest the following additions: outdoor kitchens and fireplaces, home spas, messy kitchens, family entry areas, and three-row closets. These represent fantastic home improvements that add value and often do make life much easier in the process.

Outdoor Kitchen & Fireplace

Outdoor brick oven and patio.

There’s no greater opportunity to fulfill your biggest home renovation ideas than working on an outdoor living area. These spaces are particularly common in Mediterranean style homes, but any style of home can have them. There are countless creative ways to connect your indoor and outdoor living areas to great effect. Phantom screens and partially covered porches, for instance, grant homeowners the luxury of controlling their outdoor exposure from season to season in order to get the most year-round use possible.

In conjunction with a hospitable porch area, outdoor fireplaces and outdoor kitchens can totally transform the way you experience your home. From family dinners in the summer to block parties and hosting holidays, it’s easy to see why outdoor eating spaces are one of the most popular home renovation ideas these days. But what about your home specifically, is this a feasible addition for your space?

Yes, it probably is. Outdoor fireplaces and kitchens are usually very easy to add on to a home. The spatial accessibility of an outdoor living area effectively dodges many of the obstacles builders may encounter with more limiting interior additions. That said, we strongly suggest meeting with your builder up front to ensure they understand and will comply with your local setback line legislation.

Home Spa

From freestanding tubs to oversized showers, upgrading the master bath is at the top of the dream list for today’s homeowner. It’s no wonder either. Enough of these updates, and that “really nice bathroom” starts to feel like something more akin to a home spa. Which is pretty much the height of luxury, if you ask us.

As with outdoor living areas, larger master bathrooms can offer a large amount of possibilities. From personal saunas to deluxe his and her vanities, your options may not be quite limitless, but they’re pretty close.

Messy Kitchen

Regardless of what the latest design trends and hottest new home features are, kitchen updates will probably always make the finalists when it comes to worthwhile home renovation ideas. That’s because, more often than not, the kitchen is the command center of a home. It’s where families congregate most every day. As such, it receives a lot of attention.

In case you haven’t heard of messy kitchens before, this additional room is essentially a main-kitchen-adjacent, pantry/meal prep area. It allows homeowners to leave the more visible primary kitchen uncluttered and clean.Hop back and forth with ease between entertaining in the main kitchen and spreading out food and ingredients in the messy kitchen totally out of view.

Bonus: Adding a wine room or small bar area to a messy kitchen can really take your entertaining game to the next level.

Family Entry

When we renovate a home we didn’t originally build, we try to get a sense of any stress points or obstacles the homeowners are experiencing in their normal movements around the home. One obstacle we see a WHOLE lot is a bottlenecked and cluttered entry that requires routing folks through a laundry room or chaotic hallway filled with stuff. In homes like this, adding a family entry can be one of the more life-changing home renovation ideas out there.

Functioning as an additional entrance to the home, family entries often include lockers, bench seating, and hooks for seasonal clothing. Got a fur baby? Family entries are also a great spot to add a dog wash!

An extra entrance encourages decluttering by providing dedicated storage for backpacks, muddy shoes, coats, and all the other things that don’t really have any business going further into the house but so often do — getting left on the floor, hung on a door, or misplaced at inconvenient times.

Three-Row Closet

Another big trend in recent years has been closet space optimization. While some master bedroom closets may not have the dimensions to accommodate a three-row closet system, many can be upgraded to give the homeowner MUCH more space. Recent floor plans at The Hamlet on Jerome include the floor-to-ceiling height required to fit three rows of space for hanging clothing. You won’t believe how much time a person can save picking out what to wear!

Pro Tip: The top shelf of a three-row closet can be used for rotating seasonal clothing in and out.

Which Home Renovation Ideas Top Your Dream List?

Existing homes contain SO many creative avenues for renovation. Why not embrace one or more of these modern home improvements that add value and boost efficiency? Streamlining your space’s square footage with any of the home renovation ideas above will help you get more out of your home every single day. So, why wait? The sooner you elevate your house plan to meet today’s design build standards, the sooner that investment can start paying for itself.